Behind the Scenes: Bud Light #HouseOfWhatever

This weekend’s biggest event is set to be the Bud Light House for Whatever located in Downtown Phoenix. Almost 10,000 people auditioned to be selected to enter the House. Throughout the weekend, Bud Light expects about 4,000 to pass through its doors. Among these 4,000 people, 100 of them will be flown in to partake in these festivities from all around the country.

The House is estimated at about 70,000 square feet of unadulterated event space. The space includes a marquee tent where performances will take place, an electric Kenetic Forest that will display over 7,500 #HouseofWhatever and #UpForWhatever tweets throughout the weekend, Beer School complete with graduation, 600 ft of Hop Scotch, a Yacht Space including sand, musicians, DJs, dancers, actors, magicians and contemporary artists.

Other activities at the house will include meal construction for donations for the Association of Arizona Foodbanks as part of the Anheuser Busch Better World Program, a Frizz hair Salon, art galleries as well as a Pac-Man Arcade.

The House plans to have no shortage of beverages with several bars around the event space as well as the Bud Light Lime-a-rita Cabanas that will showcase the new Bud Light Lemonade-a-rita! Food will come in the form of 13 foodtrucks and 3 Texas pit masters grilling up their Sunday’s best.

If you haven’t yet, try to get your ticket to the Bud Light House for Whatever by tweeting, instagraming or merely being in the right place at the right time! The event will be one to remember.

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