new4I found this amazing DJ on twitter, through some sort of retweet about 3 years ago. Her pictures and captions were bright, joyous and just overall amazing and I can definitely say the same for mashups and mixtapes. I followed the rising star more closely after we bonded over a mind-numbing episode of ABC’s Revenge. Nicole Chen is Asia’s most successful Professional Female DJ, and her upcoming placement at Ultra Korea along side greats like Steve Aoki, M.I.A., and BlasterJaxx. Being one of the only female EDM DJs in Asia comes with a lot of responsibility. We got a chance to run some Grade A Q&A with Asia’s #1 Female DJ!!
HL: So tell us, who are you? Off stage that is…
NC: Off stage I’m actually a very chill person. I like to stay at home and play with my computer by surfing on everything and reading and just relaxing. I love sleeping a lot too due to the hectic schedule that I usually have.HL: When you were a kid, what did you think you’d be doing at this age?

NC: I knew I would be in the entertainment line of some sort but I didn’t think of being a Professional DJ. I learned piano when I was a 4 years old and did modeling when I was a child.

HL: When did you first know that this was your calling? Can you describe that very moment?

NC: When I knew that my mixtapes were always being praised when we had house parties. Everybody would be new1like Nicole, be in charge of the music for the party, do it. and then from then onwards it was like a beg as I chose the next songs and so on. After that I secretly learned to dj when I was modelling at the age of 18 to 24. Seceretly learning.

HL: What wakes you up in the morning?

NC: Either thunder or my mummy 🙂

HL: What is your most accomplished moment?

NC: Right now being the first asian Female DJ To spin at Ultra Korea 2014 🙂

HL: What is the one thing you had to do that scariest you the most in this journey?

NC: Nothing really scared me when I’ve had faith though…. lol

HL: What is the most fun you’ve had since following your dream?

NC: The most fun would have been traveling, actually, and meeting a lot of new people. It really opens my eyes, last time all I thought about was, “oh, You have to be a doctor, you have to be a lawyer and so on to be the ‘perfect child'” but right now it’s all about your passion and what you love and what has been set in the eyes for you to accomplish.

HL: What is one thing that you wish you could have done over?
NC: I wish I could have sincerely loved my first love and gave my all. But I was too young and right now I can never find that love again even up to this day.

HL: Has there ever been a moment where you realized you were “home” (in the most metaphorical sense)?

NC: Right now when I’m at my parents home, that’s where I feel i’m really “home” or lets say Singapore 🙂

HL: What do you do to prepare for gigs, be it big room or small intimate A-list setting.

NC: You would be surprised, yes usually I’ll prepare my track list way ahead of time. but Just before the gig on that day, I usually go to the gym or swim, eat a nice meal, watch some tv, and one hour before the gig usually i’ll play “classical music” and calm my mind and set my mind towards what I would be playing.

HL: How do your parents feel about your career path and your music?

NC: Actually before that they were clueless as it’s very new, now they are giving me like “brand essence of chicken” before my gigs and very supportive about it asking wheres my next country and how am I coping. Always looking after me when I come back 🙂 really great

HL: What do you aspire to accomplish when remixing a song? What do you look for in a song to remix it.

NC: I do mostly more mashups. When I do mashups, I would look for the same harmonic key but that’s not only that, I’ve to think of what would the crowd think and the party goers, would they be able to dance to this mashup or will they be singing or jumping. Really depends on how I want to sway my crowd towards. I’m currently on a party banger project so that would be more of the party banger hits and mashups and it is suppose to “WOW” the crowd and make them move even harder.

HL: You are on the road a lot, can you describe your eat sleep and work habits?

NC: I tend to sleep a lot on the plane, then in the hotel and so on. Before going on tour, I usually rest for at least 2 weeks or so and physically, mentally set my mind on my gigs and then its work like non stop . I would say I’ve worked non stop for the past 2 years. Only this year I decided to take a 4 to 5 month break. But I’m back again now in May and I guess it’s gonna be a long 2 year ride.

When I wake up the first thing I do is listen to the latest 20 songs, then depending on my mood, do a mashup or mixtape and now I started producing more also after my trip from Amsterdam and learning from my dutch DJ friends 🙂 Most of the people I talk to are mostly my producer and DJ friends as we exchange ideas and thoughts and collaborating and sharing songs.

HL: What is one of your craziest set moments?

NC: I didn’t even know I did a champagne shower till after I saw the picture, that was the gig in Rotterdam, Netherlands, I guess it was the jet lag

HL: What is your craziest fan moment?

NC: If I’m not wrong, this fan went to every country that I was spinning when I was on tour once, but constantly there and all but really touchy 🙂

HL: When you retire, what will be your title?


HL: Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?

NC: *Secret* Follow Me 🙂

HL: Whom or what would you most like to work with?

NC: I would love to actually work with Sandro Silva , Borgeous , Dimitri Vegas and DVBBS

HL: Is there anything that we should be on the look out for in the near future?

NC: A lot 🙂

HL: What’s the average day in the life for you? You wake up and Boom! (step by step)

NC: Water, vitamins, swim or gym, listen to music, do mashup , mix, remix or product, relax, play Facebook, watch funny shows and go back doing music again.new3

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