No matter how hard the times are, we always prevail.

What can be said about Oleg Bondar that hasn’t already? Quite a bit actually!

This twenty-something DJ/Producer born in the Ukraine but raised in Chicago is 1265745_10151950229653142_1430069878_onothing short of spectacular.  Living in a Deep House world Oleg has gotten the chance to work with the likes of Chicago’s own Trentino, P.J. “No Sl33p” Hutchinson, spun alone side Inphinity & Kalendr and tag-team DJ’d with Jay Morales.

Through his intensely busy schedule of weekend sets covering some of the hottest clubs in Chicago’s downtown, we got the chance to sit down with Oleg and run some  Q&A!

HL: How long have you been DJing and Producing?

OB: I have been DJing since 1999 and got into production around 2004 under the alias Heavy Duty and then Physical Law producing Trance music.

HL: What wakes you up in the morning? The thing that really gets you started.

OB: My alarm of course. Along with couple of early morning texts. But really it is the excitement of getting things done! And Coffee of course 🙂

HL: What or who inspires you to need to create?

OB: My supporters and just the feel of music. I love all music (except Death metal :D). I love to listen to it and create it, surprising myself with what I come up with.

HL: Where would you say most of your musical influence comes from?

OB: It literally comes from everything I hear. I listen to every possible genre and take little by little from everywhere. If we’re talking about a specific producer…Christian Beat Hirt and Kaskade make the top of the list.

HL: What or who made the largest impact on your life? what is your most vivid memory of that thing/person?

OB: Video Games. I grew up being the biggest video game nerd, which then resulted in my proficiency with all electronics. I always loved video game music too and in the future I want to make music for games. Most vivid memory is having to play audio tapes in order to load games on my first IBM-PC in 1991.

HL: The scariest thing you’ve had to do to get where you are now?

1461227_10152167300260625_1250439348_nOB: Selling my soul to the EDM devil.

HL: What has been the best part of truly following your dream?

OB: Being able to play at SPYBAR chicago and reap the energy from the crowd. Nothing feels better than seeing people dance to your set.

HL: How do you feel just before a set?

OB: A little nervous but nothing a couple of Coronas can’t fix.

HL: Everyone gets a little down every now and then, what keeps you going?

OB: The thought of just how amazing life really is. No matter how hard the times are, we always prevail. And of course my family, they always got my back!

HL: When did you know that you wanted to pursue music? Can you describe that moment?

OB: I wanted to produce music since I was 7 years old and seen Robert Miles playing the keyboard on the video for One & One. I knew that is what I wanted to mimic and do in the future.

HL: Is that there anything that you wish you could have done over?

OB: Not party so much when I was younger and protect my ears better.

HL: Has there ever been a time when you felt as if you were home (in the most metaphorical sense of the word)?

OB: After playing a rocking set at SPY or when I am going down the mountain skiing. That is what home feels like.

HL: What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever had to do?

OB: Bungee jump from Stratosphere tower in Vegas. If we’re talking about recently….go to BPM festival in Playa. That shit was exciting as hell!!!

HL:  Where do you se yourself in the next 5, 10, and 20 years?

OB: In 5, I have a strong musical brand, in 10 I am retired wealthy due to selling my internet startup. Focusing on creating digital art full time.

HL: Who would you most like to work with?

OB: Christian Beat Hirt. Hands down.

HL: Walk us through and average Friday or Saturday for you? We kinda heard those two day run together.

OB: It really depends if it is a #legendmode weekend or not. If Friday starts with a gig or a party…it usually does not end until Sunday…with a plethora of bad decisions. However, if I decide to make it chill and focus on work, I just spend 12 hours in my home studio or at the music garage, playing with sounds, cheefing and getting shit done!!!

Here’s an original track from Oleg Bondar – Spy Next Door

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