Behind the Scenes: Bud Light #HouseOfWhatever

This weekend’s biggest event is set to be the Bud Light House for Whatever located in Downtown Phoenix. Almost 10,000 people auditioned to be selected to enter the House. Throughout the weekend, Bud Light expects about 4,000 to pass through its doors. Among these 4,000 people, 100 of them will be flown in to partake […]


Once again, DIPLO made his return to The MID and we were there to capture it. TWERK YO BUBBLE BUTT

MAJOR LAZER at The Congress Theater

If you’ve never seen MAJOR LAZER live, you’re missing out… REACT PRESENTS & CONGRESS THEATER this past weekend held a show with DIPLO’s alias MAJOR LAZER. Crowd control is the main concept when experiencing these guys set, from making the entire crowd touch the ground while jumping on beat, to performing Bauuer’s HARLEM SHAKE, to […]


Following the show MAJOR LAZER put on at THE CONGRESS THEATER, we bounced over to THE MID (Chicago) to capture DIPLO’s after party set. Crowd control, crowd control, crowd control. From DIPLO at one point having the entire crowd taking off their shirts to endless amounts of girls expressing themselves, this was one show not […]

Clockwork – Titan (Original Mix)

Clockwork – Titan Clockwork releases his 2nd single, “Titan” on Diplo’s label MAD DECENT. Although Clockwork released this track a little less than a month ago, we are just opening our ears to it and wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy