A Boy’s Guide To Not Being A Dick This Summer


All photos by the author Inevitably, summer is coming. There’s plenty of room here to cite some recent articles about heatwaves, climate change, and girls wearing shorts, but you’re not basement dwelling Redditors or people who review metal records on YouTube, you’ve been outside in just a T-shirt already this year, you don’t need to […]

[PODCAST FRIDAY] Dirty South’s Essential Mix


Stuck at work and all you can think about is your weekend plans? Here’s something to brighten your afternoon and get you pumped for the weekend! Dirty South, fresh from Ultra, brings you this sick mix. It’ll make you happy, it’ll make you sad, and everything in between. This mix clearly demonstrates why Dirty South […]

Official Recap Video for Electric Zoo 2012

Wow. Talk about the personification of EDM. The Official Recap video for Electric Zoo 2012 debuted and it does just that. This video includes a very precise storyline that keeps you captivated for an entire 6 minutes. It’s probably going to be the best 6 minute video you’ve seen. With electric waves running through the […]